19 figs., 1 maps

Global Health in Times of Violence

Edited by Barbara Rylko-BauerLinda WhitefordPaul Farmer



What are the prospects for human health in a world threatened by disease and violence? Since World War II, at least 160 wars have erupted around the globe. Over 24 million people have died in these conflicts, and millions more suffered illness and injury. In this volume, leading scholars and practitioners examine the impact of structural, military, and communal violence on health, psychosocial well-being, and health care delivery. By investigating the fields of violence that define our modern world, the authors are able to provide alternative global health paradigms that can be used to develop more effective policies and programs.

This volume springs from an ongoing collaboration between the School for Advanced Research and the Society for Applied Anthropology intended to result in visible activities with lasting effects on the discipline of anthropology and the sciences. The Dobkin Family Foundation generously sponsored the SAR seminar where the project began.

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