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Fishing with My Fly Down

A Fly-Fishing Career Ruined by Rock Radio
Second Edition
By TJ Trout



Here is the slightly riveting, marginally humorous, and discouragingly unoriginal fishing life of disgraced morning radio-show host TJ Trout. Filled with exaggerated tales of minor mishaps and mediocre near-death experiences, Trout takes all of us down the river in the Southwestern United States, up a creek in Canada, out to sea in the tropics, and lake-dancing in Argentina. Somehow, he manages to stay one step ahead of the law and catch a few fish while imparting some highly valuable life lessons, like when or when not to use a fly rod (definitely not while driving or on the toilet).

Subjects: Memoir

Contributor Bios
TJ Trout was the top-rated morning show host at KZRR-94 Rock in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for twenty-five years. He has fished all over the country and the world, where strange things continue to happen to him. He currently splits his time between his homes in New Mexico and Delaware.