English/Spanish Child Abuse Phrase Book

Family-Social Worker Interview Manual/Manual Bilingüe Para Familias
By Edward Stresino



The knock on the door comes just before midnight. Inside parents open the door slightly to peer at their unexpected visitor and ask, "¿De qué se trata?"

"Yo soy un trabajador social del Departamento de los Niños del Condado. Hay un informe de negligencia de que Uds. dejan a los niños solos."

It is an emotionally charged situation, but because the social worker can respond in Spanish communication is occurring. Each year in the United States an estimated three million children are reported abused or neglected, and referrals are promptly pursued to find out what has happened to the minor. This book is an indispensable reference when a referral requires interviewing Spanish-speaking parents, guardians, or children.

For over seven years the Phrase Book has been a staple in many child-welfare training programs throughout California. It has proved invaluable in improving language skills and service delivery for thousands of social workers and others.

Presented in clear, concise phrases are questions and instructions commonly used in each step of the referral process. These exchanges are not simply translations from English into Spanish; instead, each situation is visualized equally from each culture. Side-by-side are equivalent phrases in English and Spanish readily grasped by the fluent and non-fluent speaker.

Contributor Bios
Edward Stresino, raised in Buenos Aires and New York City, graduated from The Johns Hopkins University and participated in the program of the Centro Mexicano de Escritores. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1970.