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Enduring Acequias

Wisdom of the Land, Knowledge of the Water
By Juan Estevan Arellano



Winner of the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Nature/Environment Book

For generations the Río Embudo watershed in northern New Mexico has been the home of Juan Estevan Arellano and his ancestors. From this unique perspective Arellano explores the ways people use water in dry places around the world. Touching on the Middle East, Europe, Mexico, and South America before circling back to New Mexico, Arellano makes a case for preserving the acequia irrigation system and calls for a future that respects the ecological limitations of the land.

Contributor Bios
Juan Estevan Arellano is a poet, artist, writer, and farmer in Embudo, New Mexico. His previous books include Ancient Agriculture: Roots and Application of Sustainable Farming and Inocencio: Ni pica ni escarda, pero siempre se come el major elote.