Published by West End Press

Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island

By Lenore Weiss



In Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island, award-winning poet Lenore Weiss embodies the themes of loss, transformation and re-invention that are integral to life and to her work. Poems celebrate the author’s Jewish Hungarian upbringing. Survival, negotiation, and migration play a vital role in these poems about family and love.

Technology and its role on relationships is another thread in her work, and Weiss has had practical applications of both during her professional career as a content developer, most recently for Apple Computer. These mysteries of family, politics, and technology build a powerful debut that details one woman’s migrations through life’s spheres and how the connections expand and weave themselves together into one functioning network.

Contributor Bios
Lenore Weiss lived in Oakland for more than a decade, and now resides in Louisiana. More poems and blogs about the writing life are on her website, www.lenoreweiss.com.