6 color plates, 18 duotones, 7 figs., 18 maps, 3 tables

Antigua California

Mission and Colony on the Peninsular Frontier, 1697-1768
By Harry W. Crosby



First published in 1994 and now available again, this Spanish Borderlands classic recounts Jesuit colonization of the Old California, the peninsula now known as Baja California. Jesuit missionaries founded their first settlement in 1697 and unintentionally created a Hispanic society that outlived the missions and their Indian converts. The author brings to light Jesuit missionization and culture, European-Indian contacts, mission and presidio operations, family social life, the unique peninsular economy, and the Jesuit expulsion. Four appendices provide data on Spanish kings, royal officials, Jesuit personnel and visitors, and founders of pre-1768 peninsular California families.

Subjects: History

Contributor Bios
Harry W. Crosby is a writer, photographer, and historian living in La Jolla, California. Among his other books is Cave Paintings of Baja, California.