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Abbey in America

A Philosopher's Legacy in a New Century
Edited by John A. Murray



More than twenty-five years after his death, iconic writer and nature activist Edward Abbey (1927–1989) remains an influential presence in the American environmental movement. Abbey’s best known works continue to be widely read and inspire discourse on the key issues facing contemporary American society, particularly with respect to urbanization and technology. Abbey in America, published forty years after Abbey’s popular novel The Monkey Wrench Gang, features an all-star list of contributors, including journalists, authors, scholars, and two of Abbey’s best friends, as they explore Abbey’s ideas and legacy through their unique literary, personal, and scholarly perspectives.

Contributor Bios
John A. Murray is the author of forty-five books, including Cinema Southwest: An Illustrated Guide to the Movies and Their Locations, which received the Southwest Book Award, and Mythmakers of the West: Shaping America’s Imagination, which received the Colorado Book Award. He was the founding editor of the world nature series for Oxford University Press and of the American Nature Writing annual for Sierra Club Books. Among his books is Writing About Nature: A Creative Guide, also available from the University of New Mexico Press.