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Western Traditions

Contemporary Artists of the American West
By Michael DutySuzanne Deats

More than fifty painters and sculptors are represented in this beautiful collection of the art of the American West.

Subjects: Art

Abstract Art

By Stuart AshmanSuzanne Deats

A thoughtful sampling of the range and sheer variety of abstract art being produced in New Mexico today.

Subjects: Art

ndn art

Contemporary Native American Art
By Charleen TouchetteSuzanne Deats

An extensive collection of the unique expressions of many well known contemporary American Indian artists.

3-D art/techné

Glass, Fiber, Wood, Clay, Metal, Stone, Assemblage
By Aline BrandauerJon Carver

An exciting exploration of the work of over thirty New Mexico artists who create in three dimensions.

Subjects: Art

Ricardo Mazal

La Tumba de la Reina Roja: From Reality to Abstraction <br>Paintings, Photographs, Drawings and Installation
By Elizabeth FerrerArnoldo Cruz

Mexican painter Ricardo Mazal's stunning series produced after visiting the Tomb of the Red Queen at Palenque, the ancient Maya ceremonial city.

Subjects: ArtBilingual

Lilly Fenichel

Just You Just Me
By Douglas Kent HallJay Zeiger

A lively collection of the painter's recent work.

Subjects: Art