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ndn art

Contemporary Native American Art
By Charleen TouchetteSuzanne Deats

An extensive collection of the unique expressions of many well known contemporary American Indian artists.

3-D art/techné

Glass, Fiber, Wood, Clay, Metal, Stone, Assemblage
By Aline BrandauerJon Carver

An exciting exploration of the work of over thirty New Mexico artists who create in three dimensions.

Subjects: Art

Ricardo Mazal

La Tumba de la Reina Roja: From Reality to Abstraction <br>Paintings, Photographs, Drawings and Installation
By Elizabeth FerrerArnoldo Cruz

Mexican painter Ricardo Mazal's stunning series produced after visiting the Tomb of the Red Queen at Palenque, the ancient Maya ceremonial city.

Subjects: ArtBilingual

Lilly Fenichel

Just You Just Me
By Douglas Kent HallJay Zeiger

A lively collection of the painter's recent work.

Subjects: Art