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art alive!

A Fresh Approach to the Basics, the Teaching Techniques of Sally Bartalot
By Sally Bartalot

A book for teachers and students, art alive! chronicles the extraordinary teaching techniques and astounding artistic results that Sally Bartalot, teacher of art, has both shared and achieved with her students over the past forty years.

Subjects: Art

Yes, We Are Still Dancing

By Susan AmstaterConnie DillmanJacquelyn Spier

A collaboration by three women, this book, through painting and poetry, shares the richness of their lives and gives a voice to all generational women.

Subjects: ArtPoetry

Colorado Abstract

Paintings and Sculpture
By Michael PagliaMary Chandler

In this lavishly illustrated book, Paglia focuses on the history of abstraction in Colorado, and Chandler's essays document the artistic development and vision of more than fifty contemporary artists.

Subjects: Art


Anna Tomczak, Photographer
By Barbara Hitchcock

Anna Tomczak's iconic tableaux have been featured in exhibitions and collections at numerous major photography and art museums.

Subjects: ArtPhotography

Landscapes of Colorado

Mountains and Plains
By Ann DaleyMichael Paglia

This overview of the rich vein of contemporary art in Colorado highlights the varied work created in response to the natural beauty of the state.

Subjects: Art

The Art of Ann Templeton

A Step Beyond
By Michael JohnsonAnn Templeton

A colorful look at the painting techniques of this popular New Mexico landscape artist.

Subjects: Art

Michael Von Helms

Painted Dialogue
By E. McKinnon

A celebration of the art of Michael Von Helms.

Subjects: Art

Michael Dunbar

By Suzanne Deats

This study of Michael Dunbar as a sculptor includes his two decades as the coordinator of the arts and architecture program for the State of Illinois.

Subjects: Art

Western Traditions

Contemporary Artists of the American West
By Michael DutySuzanne Deats

More than fifty painters and sculptors are represented in this beautiful collection of the art of the American West.

Subjects: Art

3-D art/techné

Glass, Fiber, Wood, Clay, Metal, Stone, Assemblage
By Aline BrandauerJon Carver

An exciting exploration of the work of over thirty New Mexico artists who create in three dimensions.

Subjects: Art