Pasó por Aquí Series on the Nuevomexicano Literary Heritage

Enrique Lamadrid, A. Gabriel Meléndez, and Genaro M. Padilla, Series Editors

The Pasó por Aquí Series emerged in the 1990s from the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Project, a gathering of scholars from universities across the United States engaged in recovering Hispanic works of literature and history that were published before 1960. While the goal of the series is the recovery of the Hispanic literary heritage of greater New Mexico, the editors recognize that part of the project also includes publishing new fiction and poetry in order to preserve a literary tradition that is often thematically, linguistically, and culturally interconnected. Moreover, scholarship in allied fields lends greater intellectual coherence to the series, and we therefore encourage the collection of photography, historical documents, religious artifacts, and other aspects of expressive culture in varied forms.

El feliz ingenio neomexicano

Felipe M. Chacón and Poesía y prosa
Edited and Translated by Anna M. NogarA. Gabriel Meléndez

El feliz ingenio neomexicano is a bilingual recovery edition of Obras de Felipe Maximiliano Chacón, el Cantor Neomexicano: Poesía y prosa, the first collection of poetry published by a Mexican American author.

The Life and Writing of Fray Angélico Chávez

A New Mexico Renaissance Man
By Ellen McCracken

Ellen McCracken provides a literary biography that includes a deep look into the intellectual and cultural contributions of this Renaissance man. McCracken moves chronologically through a substantial body of work that includes fiction, poetry, plays, essays, spiritual tracts, sermons, historical writing, translation, painting, church renovation, and journalism.

Indian Subjects

Hemispheric Perspectives on the History of Indigenous Education
Edited by Brenda J. ChildBrian Klopotek

Indian Subjects brings together an outstanding group of scholars from the fields of anthropology, history, law, education, literature, and Native studies to address indigenous education throughout different regions and eras.

The Legend of Ponciano Gutiérrez and the Mountain Thieves

By A. Gabriel Meléndez The Paiz Family
Illustrations by Amy Córdova

Once upon a time in the Mora Valley of northern New Mexico there lived a farmer named Ponciano Gutiérrez. On a trip through the mountains he was taken captive by Vicente Silva and his gang of bank robbers. This tale of Ponciano’s quick-witted escape has been a bedtime story for generations in the Paiz family.

Juan the Bear and the Water of Life

La Acequia de Juan del Oso
By Enrique R. LamadridJuan Estevan Arellano
Illustrations by Amy Córdova

The legend of the stouthearted man who moved mountains and rivers to create the most famous acequia in northern New Mexico is retold in both English and Spanish for a new generation of young readers.

Fray Angélico Chávez

Poet, Priest, and Artist
Edited by Ellen McCracken

A well-balanced summary of Fray Angélico Chávez's contributions to New Mexico literature and art.

The Writings of Eusebio Chacón

Edited by A. Gabriel MeléndezFrancisco A. Lomeli
Translated by A. Gabriel MeléndezFrancisco A. Lomeli

This collection of Chacón's writings brings together all published and written materials found, displaying his versatility with samples of his work as an accomplished orator, translator, essayist, historian, novelist, and poet.

Amadito and the Hero Children

Amadito y los Niños Héroes
By Enrique R. Lamadrid
Illustrations by Amy Córdova

Recounting the two most deadly epidemics to strike the Southwest, this beautifully illustrated narrative reveals that with tragedy comes heroism, as demonstrated by the children who bravely transported the smallpox vaccine from Mexico's interior to New Mexico in 1805.

The Daring Flight of My Pen

Cultural Politics and Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá's Historia de la Nueva Mexico, 1610
By Genaro Padilla

In this engaging study Genaro Padilla enters into Villagrá's epic poem of the Oñate expedition to reveal that the soldier was no mere chronicler but that his writing offers a subtle critique of the empire whose expansion he seems to be celebrating.

Santa Fe Nativa

A Collection of Nuevomexicano Writing
Edited by Rosalie C. OteroA. Gabriel MeléndezEnrique R. Lamadrid
Photographs by Miguel A. Gandert

This anthology honors Santa Fe's role as the foundation of New Mexican Hispanic culture.