Diálogos Series

Kris Lane, Series Editor

Understanding Latin America demands dialogue, deep exploration, and frank discussion of key topics. Founded by Lyman L. Johnson in 1992 and edited since 2013 by Kris Lane, the Diálogos Series focuses on innovative scholarship in Latin American history and related fields. The series, the most successful of its type, includes specialist works accessible to a wide readership and a variety of thematic titles, all ideally suited for classroom adoption by university and college teachers.

Making the Americas

The United States and Latin America from the Age of Revolutions to the Era of Globalization
By Thomas F. O'Brien

The author, an expert on business interests in Latin America, examines U.S. efforts, spanning two centuries, to impose economic dominance on the peoples of the Americas and the Latin American responses to these policies.

Private Passions and Public Sins

Men and Women in Seventeenth-Century Lima
By María Emma Mannarelli
Translated by Meredith DodgeSidney Evans

A Peruvian scholar focuses on the cultural significance of illicit sexual practices in seventeenth-century Lima.

Slaves, Subjects, and Subversives

Blacks in Colonial Latin America
Edited by Jane LandersBarry Robinson

A comprehensive study of African slavery in the colonies of Spain and Portugal in the New World.

From Slavery to Freedom in Brazil

Bahia, 1835-1900
By Dale Torston Graden

The political and religious forces which led to the decline of the slave trade in nineteenth century Bahia, Brazil.

Malintzin's Choices

An Indian Woman in the Conquest of Mexico
By Camilla Townsend

The complicated life of the real woman who came to be known as La Malinche.

Local Religion in Colonial Mexico

Edited by Martin Austin Nesvig

The ten essays in Local Religion in Colonial Mexico provide information about the religious culture in colonial Mexico.

Plaza of Sacrifices

Gender, Power, and Terror in 1968 Mexico
By Elaine Carey

On October 2, 1968, up to 700 students were killed by government authorities while protesting in Mexico City - many of them women. This analysis of the role of women in the protest movement shows how the events of 1968 shaped modern Mexican society.

Mexico OtherWise

Modern Mexico in the Eyes of Foreign Observers
Edited by Jürgen Buchenau
Translated by Jürgen Buchenau

A diverse collection of observations on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Mexico by non-Mexican authors.

Beyond Black and Red

African-Native Relations in Colonial Latin America
Edited by Matthew Restall

The first study of the complex relationships among the races in Latin America after Spanish colonization.

Women in the Crucible of Conquest

The Gendered Genesis of Spanish American Society, 1500-1600
By Karen Vieira Powers

The first history of women's contributions to the Spanish colonization of the New World.