Diálogos Series

Kris Lane, Series Editor

Understanding Latin America demands dialogue, deep exploration, and frank discussion of key topics. Founded by Lyman L. Johnson in 1992 and edited since 2013 by Kris Lane, the Diálogos Series focuses on innovative scholarship in Latin American history and related fields. The series, the most successful of its type, includes specialist works accessible to a wide readership and a variety of thematic titles, all ideally suited for classroom adoption by university and college teachers.

Irresistible Forces

Latin American Migration to the United States and Its Effects on the South
By Gregory WeeksJohn Weeks

This study examines the phenomenon of the impact of Latin American migration on the southeastern United States, a region that now has the nation's fastest growing immigrant population.

Subjects: Latin America

The War for Mexico's West

Indians and Spaniards in New Galicia, 1524-1550
By Ida Altman

Altman has undertaken the challenging task of examining the Spaniards' attempt to conquer and settle the western region of Mexico (New Galicia).

Black Mexico

Race and Society from Colonial to Modern Times
Edited by Matthew RestallBen Vinson III

This edited volume compiles the most recent research on a pivotal topic in Latin American history--Afro-Mexican experiences from pre-conquest to the modern period.


Earthquakes and Popular Politics in Latin America
Edited by Jürgen BuchenauLyman L. Johnson

In using natural disasters as a way to study societal and especially political change, the essays in this volume illustrate the immediate as well as the long term consequences of destruction.

True Stories of Crime in Modern Mexico

Edited by Robert BuffingtonPablo Piccato

This edited volume focuses on Mexico's social and cultural history through the lens of celebrated cases of social deviance from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Rethinking Jewish-Latin Americans

Edited by Jeffrey LesserRaanan Rein

These essays by noted scholars place Latin America's Jews squarely within the context of both Latin American and ethnic studies, a significant departure from traditional approaches that have treated Latin American Jewry as a subset of Jewish Studies.

Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America, 1521-1821

By Kelly Donahue-Wallace

A chronological overview of important art, sculpture, and architectural monuments of colonial Latin America within the economic and religious contexts of the era.

Raising an Empire

Children in Early Modern Iberia and Colonial Latin America
Edited by Ondina GonzálezBianca Premo

Raising an Empire takes readers on a journey into the world of children and childhood in early modern Ibero-America.

Remembering a Massacre in El Salvador

The Insurrection of 1932, Roque Dalton, and the Politics of Historical Memory
By Héctor Lindo-FuentesErik ChingRafael A. Lara-Martinez

The authors provide the first systematic study of the infamous massacre now regarded as one of the most extreme cases of state-sponsored repression in modern Latin American history.

Christians, Blasphemers, and Witches

Afro-Mexican Ritual Practice in the Seventeenth Century
By Joan Cameron Bristol

New information from Inquisition documents shows how African slaves in Mexico adapted to the constraints of the Church and the Spanish crown in order to survive in their communities.