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Indian Uprising on the Rio Grande: The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

Franklin Folsom
Illustrated by J. Roybal

This award-winning account of the Pueblo Revolt, originally published in 1973 as Red Power on the Rio Grande, is told from the point of view of the Native American villagers of the Rio Grande Valley. Folsom equates the Pueblos' desire to control their own destiny to that of the Americans in 1776 and reveals the harshness of Spanish rule.

Not only were the Pueblos taxed and forced to labor for the Spanish, they were frequently sold into slavery and their religion was attacked and suppressed by missionaries. Under the direction of Popé, the Pueblos overcame their traditional reliance on local leadership and joined together in a brilliantly conceived and successful attack on Spanish power. This pivotal time in Pueblo history is powerfully and compelling retold here.

"A fascinating account of the Pueblo Native American uprising of 1680 against Spanish control in the Southwest."-- School Library Journal


" Indian Uprising on the Rio Grande is still the best account of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, because Folsom, who possesses a fine writing style, researched his book from the Pueblo point of view. Therefore, Indian Uprising is a delight to read, an essential work for anyone interested in the history of American Indians or the American Southwest."


Telluride Times-Journal

" . . . this award-winning account of the Pueblo Revolt is . . . powerfully and compellingly retold in this book."


The Tejas Gazette

5 x 8 in. 144 pages 11 drawings, 2 maps