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The Place Names of New Mexico

Revised Edition

Robert Julyan

The Place Names of New Mexico is an invaluable guide to the state's geography and history. It explains more than 7,000 names of features large and small throughout the state--towns, mountains, rivers, canyons, counties, post offices, and even abandoned settlements--as well as providing relevant information about location, history, and current status. The revised edition contains more than fifty expanded and updated entries. The accounts are also journeys into New Mexico's past, offering glimpses of the lives and values of the people who named the place. Humor, tragedy, mystery, and daily life--they can all be found in this book.


Robert Julyan is the author of numerous travel and New Mexico-related books. He resides in Albuquerque.


"A truly wonderful book. . . . packed full with the history, geography, sociology, and anthropology of New Mexico."



"An indispensable guide to the state's geography and history."


Tradiciƃ³n Revista

"Tour de force comes to mind. . . . Don't travel in New Mexico without this book."


Southwest Missions Research Center

"Julyan gives readers a treasure far surpassing the fabled golden cities."


New Mexico Magazine

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