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Puppet: A Chicano Novella

Bilingual Edition

Margarita Cota-Cardenas
Translated by Barbara Reiss
Translated by Trino Sandoval

Originally published in Spanish and now in its first bilingual edition, Puppet is a complex, challenging, and ultimately compelling narrative. It tells the story of Petra (Pat) Leyva and how she comes to terms with the murder of Puppet, a Chicano youth, and the subsequent police cover-up. Already an underground classic, Puppet will appeal to readers interested in the politics of the Chicano movement and in racial and feminist politics in the United States. The bilingual edition will be welcomed by professors who teach American Studies, Chicano Studies, and Chicana literature.

"Breaches not only new but unique directions in the Chicano novel."--Francisco A. LomelĂ­, University of California, Santa Barbara

"They will be talking about Puppet for years to come."--Juan RodrĂ­guez, Texas Lutheran University


Margarita Cota-Cárdenas teaches Chicano and Mexican literature at Arizona State University.

Tey Diana Rebolledo is a professor of Spanish at the University of New Mexico, author of several books, and an authority on the contributions of women to the literary development of the Southwest.

Margarita Cota-Cardenas teaches Chicano and Mexican literature at Arizona State University.


"This excellent translation is one that calls you to listen much more than you would anticipate."



" . . . this extraordinary text now appears in a fine English translation. The work is concise and complex, a postmodern creation that is highly accessible for all its experimental verve . . . Highly recommended for academic collections serving readers at all level and for public libraries."



6 x 8.25 in. 322 pages 2 halftones