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Light, Landscape and the Creative Quest: Early Artists of Santa Fe

Stacia Lewandowski

This highly acclaimed, award-winning book set (2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards) includes a 272-page hardcover book, "Light, Landscape and the Creative Quest: Early Artists of Santa Fe," introducing the artists who made up Santa Fe's original art community in the early days of the 20th century, and is published with an 88-page accompanying booklet, "Walking in the Path of the Artists," a series of walking tours that take the reader past the homes of Santa Fe's early artists. Beautifully illustrated, the books include 120 color images of artwork - the majority from private collections - and 49 black and white archival photographs. Suzan Campbell, PhD, art historian, curator and author wrote: "This excellent and engaging new study of the early artists of the Santa Fe art colony offers fascinating and important new scholarship along with a wealth of gorgeous illustrations, many of them never before published." A reader's comment: "The book arrived and it is absolutely fantastic - visually gorgeous too. It provides such a sense of place - 'terroir,' to borrow a wine term. Bravo!"

Published By Salska Arts

8.2 x 10.5 in. 272 pages 120 color images; 49 black and white images; with 88 page walking booklet