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The Pottery of Acoma Pueblo

Francis H. Harlow
Dwight P. Lanmon

The pottery-making tradition of Acoma Pueblo is one of the most significant among the surviving pueblos of the American Southwest, and the craft continues to be important and profitable there today. Pottery made at Acoma has evolved considerably in form and decoration over the last seven centuries. This book is a comprehensive illustrated survey of Acoma pottery made between about 1300 and the present, illustrated with more than 1,400 images, many published for the first time. There are also more than 940 names and biographies of potters working between the mid-1800s and the present.


Dwight P. Lanmon, a student and collector of Pueblo pottery, is a research associate at the School of Advanced Research and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is the director emeritus of the Winterthur Museum and the former director of the Corning Museum of Glass.

Francis H. Harlow, a foremost authority on Pueblo pottery and a research associate at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has written or collaborated on numerous landmark publications on Southwest Native American pottery, including The Pottery of Santa Ana Pueblo and The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo.

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

9 x 10 in. 624 pages 932 color images, 481 black-and-white images