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The World of Flower Blue: Pop Chalee: An Artistic Biography

Margaret Cesa

Born to a Taos Pueblo Indian father and a European mother, Pop Chalee moved between the two worlds of her parents, identifying most with her father's heritage. She was one of the first Native American women artists to achieve national fame, recognition, and commercial success. Her popularity sprang from the strength and charm of her personality as well as her unique artistic style. A graduate of the famous 1937 class of the Dorothy Dunn studio at the Santa Fe Indian School, her paintings, jewelry, textile designs, and murals grace museums, private collections, and public institutions across the country.


Author and poet Margaret Cesa received a master's degree in creative writing from the University of Iowa in 1967.

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9 x 11 in. 288 pages 40 color plates, 150 black-and-white illustrations