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Navajo Saddle Blankets: Textiles to Ride in the American Southwest

Edited by Lane Coulter

Navajo saddle blankets are among the most underappreciated art forms in the American Southwest, the Cinderella of Navajo textiles. Saddle blankets have played a key role in Navajo life both as utilitarian objects and as a force in the economic sustainability of modern Navajo life. They represent a material link between Navajo weavers and traders. This modest textile has found a context in the cattle industry, inside rural cabins, on the floors of eastern bungalows, on the walls of art museums, and even on horseback. It has served countless cultural and utilitarian demands placed on it over the last century and a half, with no sunset in sight.


Lane Coulter has taught art and design for more than twenty-five years and has organized exhibitions and lectured widely on American Indian jewelry and textiles and the Hispanic arts of New Mexico.


"The brief description of the Navajo loom and weaving setup is the best since books from the 1930s, and the vibrant illustrations show the development and change in weaving styles from the pre-Bosque Redondo period to the present."


Library Journal

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

9 x 12 in. 144 pages 85 color and 30 black-and-white photographs