Photography and New Mexico

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Making a Hand: Growing Up Cowboy in New Mexico

Max Evans
Photographs by Gene Peach

Ranching families reflect a deeply rooted agricultural tradition that has changed little over generations. Many of these children are accomplished farm hands by the age of six or seven and already contributing members of the family business. In this world, work skills define one's identity, and "making a hand" is the goal of every young cowboy and cowgirl. This book is a tribute to the newest generation of ranchers growing up in New Mexico. Gene Peach has photographed girls and boys from fifty ranching families representing diverse cultural backgrounds, as they work cattle from horseback, perform routine ranch chores, and compete in rodeos. Veteran Western writer and cowboy Max Evans writes about his own experiences growing up on a ranch and ponders the realities threatening the continuation of the family ranch. Making a Hand is a testament to a remarkable generation of New Mexico residents continuing a legendary and honorable lifestyle.


Gene Peach's photographs have been published in more than fifty countries and in numerous publications and books.

Max Evans is the bestselling author of The Hi-Lo Country, The Rounders, Bluefeather Fellini, and many other novels, short-story collections, and books of essays.

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

11 x 10.5 in. 160 pages 140 color photographs