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Jewish Pioneers of New Mexico

Edited by Tomas Jaehn

Against a backdrop of European unrest, immigration to America flourished in the nineteenth century for European Jews as for other groups. Two waves of immigration brought Jews to New Mexico, the first largely of German men in the 1840s and 1850s and the second of Eastern Europeans with the coming of the railroad to New Mexico in the 1880s. This book lights the drama that unfolded for these young Jewish merchants, tradesmen, and laborers, who were linked in their homeland through a complex web of intermarriage and who built quite successfully on their cultural and social relationships to become among New Mexico's most prominent, productive citizens.


Tomas Jaehn was born in Germany and educated in Hamburg and the United States. He is the curator of library collections at the Fray AngĂ©lico Chávez History Library, Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


"The history of New Mexico Jewry, in many ways, mirrors that of the other hardy Jews, mostly immigrants, who braved untold hardships to stake out a living in the 19th-century American West. . . . The photography, art, and overall design of the book are all superb, presenting an ample and justified tribute to a truly fascinating community."


Intermountain Jewish News

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

9 x 12 in. 112 pages 150 black-and-white photographs