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Growing Desert Plants: From Windowsill to Garden

Theodore B. Hodoba

Desert plants are known for their interesting shapes, colorful flowers, and wonderful textures. The author's clear instructions give even the inexperienced gardener all the necessary information to succeed. People living outside the desert can also grow desert plants successfully. The "Desert Plant Encyclopedia" of the book presents specific information on 101 plants. Also included is a detailed chapter on propagation, where to obtain seeds, and hardiness zones.


Theodore B. Hodoba, the owner of a native plant nursery, has articles in publications including Fine Gardening and has coauthored a book with the New Mexico Department of Natural Resources, Everybody Needs Trees. He is a master horticulturist who teaches at the University of New Mexico.


"When I have questions about desert gardening, especially in the high desert, I often reach for my copy of Growing Desert Plants."


Sunset Magazine

Published By Red Crane Books

8.5 x 11 in. 224 pages 66 color photographs, 60 drawings, 2 maps