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Çatalhöyük Excavations: The 2000–2008 Seasons: Çatalhöyük Research Project Volume 7

Edited by Ian Hodder

The Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey has been world famous since the 1960s, when excavations revealed the large size and dense occupation of the settlement, as well as the spectacular wall paintings and reliefs uncovered inside the houses. Since 1993 an international team of archaeologists, led by Ian Hodder, has been carrying out new excavations and research in order to shed more light on the people who inhabited the site. Çatalhöyük Excavations presents the results of the excavations that took place at the site from 2000 to 2008, when the main aim was to understand the social geography of the settlement, its layout and social organization. Excavation, recording, and sampling methodologies are discussed as well as dating, “levels,” and the grouping of buildings into social sectors. The description of excavated units, features, and buildings incorporates results from the analyses of animal bone, chipped stone, groundstone, shell, ceramics, phytoliths, and micromorphology. The integration of such data within their context allows detailed accounts of the lives of the inhabitants of Çatalhöyük, their relationships and activities.


Ian Hodder, Fellow of the British Academy since 1996, is the Dunlevie Family Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University.

Published By The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press published in association with the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara

8.5 x 11 in. 712 pages 640 halftones, 20 tables