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New Mexico Cuisine: Recipes from the Land of Enchantment

Clyde Casey

Winner of the 2010 New Mexico Book Award for Best Cookbook

Since he first traveled to New Mexico in the 1960s, Clyde Casey has been in love with New Mexican cuisine and has explored its evolution from Puebloan roots, to influences brought by the Spanish in the early 1500s, to what is today a unique blend of Native American, Spanish, French, cowboy chuck wagon, Mexican, and Mediterranean influences. A companion to Casey’s Red or Green cookbook, New Mexico Cuisine reflects the diversity of these culinary origins, offering a wide range of New Mexican recipes. Casey includes dozens of quick recipes designed for the convenience of the modern cook as well as traditional recipes that require more time and patience for those looking for a bit of challenge. Along with the recipes, Casey includes engaging notes on one of the most unique histories and cultures in the United States.


Clyde Casey is a well-known cookbook author, a professional entertainer, awardwinning sculptor, and cook. He lives with his wife in Roswell, New Mexico.


“Just reading the recipes makes your mouth water. Five stars!”



6 x 9 in. 208 pages