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New Mexico's High Peaks: A Photographic Celebration

Mike Butterfield

This book should be required reading for all who believe New Mexico is nothing but plains, mesas, and cacti. It proves in spectacular fashion that the Land of Enchantment is very much a mountain state, with at least sixty summits 12,000 feet or higher. Photographer-author Mike Butterfield has spent forty years hiking these high mountains, and his magnificent images are paired here with the chronicle of his adventures.

To help readers become acquainted with his beloved mountains, Butterfield divides the high peaks of northern New Mexico into their geographical regions, each with its unique geology, history, and plants and animals. Butterfield’s primary focus, however, remains on the peaks, which have attracted generations of hikers, backpackers, climbers, hunters, and horsemen.

To assist those visitors, Butterfield covers not only named summits but also the many individual points exceeding 12,000 feet. He includes valuable information about important trails and trailheads, access points, and, for car-bound visitors, places from which the mountains can be most favorably viewed.


Mike Butterfield is a professional photographer and the coauthor of Mike Butterfield’s Guide to the Mountains of New Mexico. He lives in Albuquerque.


“(This) book gives avid hikers enough beta (as climbers say) to start planning their next above-timberline lung-buster. If you’re an armchair mountaineer or serving exile in the flatlands, Butterfield’s juicy photos and breezy text on the natural and human history of our tallest mountains will help you replicate the experience in the comfort of your living room.”


New Mexico Magazine

“Exquisitely illustrated with photographs of majestic mountains, colorful wilderness scenes, and deep valleys. . . . This wonderful and inspiring book about New Mexico’s mountains is a must read and is highly recommended to visitors and the people of New Mexico.”


11 x 8.5 in. 188 pages 134 color photos, 13 maps, 3 tables