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The Daily Practice of Compassion: A History of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Its People, and Its Mission, 1964-2014

Dora L. Wang M.D.
Shannan L. Carter JD

Winner of the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Health Book

Published in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, this book provides more than an institutional history. Rich with anecdotes and personality, Dora Wang’s account is a must-read for anyone curious about health care in New Mexico.

Celebrated for its innovations in medical curricula, UNM’s medical school began as an audacious experiment by pioneering educators who were determined to create a great medical school in a state beset by endemic poverty and daunting geographic barriers. Wang traces the enactment of the school’s mission to provide medical education for New Mexicans and to help alleviate the severe shortage of medical care throughout the state. The Daily Practice of Compassion offers a primer for policy makers in medical education and health-care delivery throughout the country.


Dora L. Wang is an assistant professor and a historian for the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She is the author of The Kitchen Shrink: A Psychiatrist’s Reflection on Healing in a Changing World.

Shannan L. Carter began working at the University of New Mexico Medical Center in 1981. From 2002 until she retired in 2010 she worked as a special assistant to the dean of the UNM School of Medicine.

Published By UNM School of Medicine

9 x 12 in. 336 pages 312 color illustrations