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Say That

Felecia Caton Garcia

Caton Garcia’s poems layer sound and image to offer a tangible point of access into the complex and often contradictory ideas contained within the work. Love, loss memory, and the hidden lives of a range of speakers and characters become the interwoven themes of this book, each presented in raw and unflinching narrative and metaphor. Say That is divided into two sections. The first presents the lived experience of the speakers, while the second strips the “story” to unveil a dreamlife where memory and history haunt the lives they lead.


Felecia Caton Garcia is the author of a chapbook, Pos orale!, and currently teaches writing and cultural studies at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque.


Say That is a brilliant first book of poems by a fresh and vital voice, Felecia Caton Garcia. Her musically understated poems manage to be noble in witness, dramatic in storytelling, yet stoical and unforgiving in their recognitions of the tough and often shocking realities that come with lives of hardship.”


Garrett Hongo, author of Coral Road

“Felecia Caton Garcia offers striking images grounded in the everyday, in the cycles of life, and into the dreamlife, places where ‘We are watched by memory.’ Her poems lead us into unexpected places with voices and stories that startle and are memorable.”


Laura Tohe, author of No Parole Today

“Felecia Caton Garcia’s poems are serious, pointed and gorgeously dark, unearthing the way grief manifests: retracts, builds its comparisons, and wisely refutes the superficial to which we all, at times, succumb. Say That is a powerful collection of poems comprising of the elegy, poignant witticisms, and poems by the ‘professional mourner,’ with lines so arresting that they force the reader to ‘worry about what you owe the dead.’”


Prageeta Sharma, author of Infamous Landscapes

“Felecia Caton Garcia plays the children’s game, ‘Say That,’ and invites us to do so too. Her stories are familiar and strange—dreams, passionate encounters with the surreal, and with our sisters and brothers, our lovers, and even our children—in a world politicized by loss and death. To survive, we must play—and love every dangerous moment of choice.”


Hilda Raz, Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series editor

6 x 9 in. 64 pages