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Foods of the Maya: A Taste of the Yucatán

Jeffrey Gerlach
Nancy Gerlach

Pompano tamales. Shrimp enchiladas. Candied sweet papaya. These are some of the foods whose recipes reside in the pages of Nancy and Jeffrey Gerlach's Foods of the Maya. The authors have spent years traveling throughout Mexico, familiarizing themselves with the cultures and cuisines of the people they have encountered. They created this cookbook to bring the flavors of the Yucatán to tables north of the border.

In an easy-to-follow format, Foods of the Maya provides handy background and travel information about the region and some of its ruins before dipping into the ninety-one recipes included here, organized according to meal course. There are recipes that will suit most everyone's palate, from sauces and salsas to soups and sausages; from vegetarian and meat appetizers and main dishes to simple drinks and desserts. Each section begins with a brief description of the course and the types of food involved. The recipes are clear and easy to understand--one need not be a trained chef with a vast kitchen to create a tasty Yucatecan meal.

Foods of the Maya incorporates an array of cooking tips and techniques and a brief glossary of terms to help in food preparation--the authors have ensured that ingredients for their recipes are readily available at local food stores. This edition also includes an introduction by historian Jeffrey Pilcher which helps familiarize readers with the history and cultures of the Yucatán peninsula. So the next time you get a hankering for something different, you might consider cooking up a platter of Yucatán ribs or preparing a bowl of chayote pudding. Take a short trip to the Yucatán--without leaving your kitchen.


Jeffrey Gerlach is a writer and photographer.

Nancy Gerlach is a registered dietitian, editor, and writer.


"For those who have visited the area, this book will bring back fond memories of wonderful food and destinations. For those who haven't, it's a great introduction to one of the most amazing parts of Mexico, and a fabulous culinary adventure for all."


The Austin Chronicle

"At home in the kitchen, this cookbook is an excellent introduction to the foods of the Maya, and is sure to produce numerous tasty and original meals."


New Mexico Magazine

"This is much more than a cookbook because it is a guide to Yucatan culture as well."


Washington Daily News

8.125 x 9 in. 128 pages 21 drawings