Photography and History

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Photography in Print: Writings from 1816 to the Present

Edited by Vicki Goldberg

This useful collection includes over a century of the very best writing on photography. Vicki Goldberg has brought together more than 75 essays and excerpts that cover a vast and provocative range of topics. We have the first-hand accounts of photographers, from Fox Talbot to Alfred Stieglitz to Ansel Adams, and the thoughts of leading critics and philosophers, from Baudelaire to George Bernard Shaw to Susan Sontag. Some of the pieces illuminate important aspects of photographic history; others give unique insights in particular photographers; and some are just for fun. Together, they offer a lively approach to the history, art, and philosophy of photography.


Photography in Print provide(s) important views on photographic history and art. . . . Expect not a dry collection of traditional historical pieces . . . it (is) an important contribution to the understanding of photographic achievement (and) . . . should not be neglected . . .”


The Midwest Book Review

Photography in Print is a balanced presentation . . . that anyone considering photography as a career should add to his (or her) reading list. . . . it provides a glimpse into goals and attitudes that are still a must for success in the field today.”


Des Moines Sunday Register

6 x 9.25 in. 576 pages