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The Old Man Who Swam Away and Left Only His Wet Feet

Gene Frumkin

This book brings together thirty years of writing: two previously released chapbooks A Lover's Quarrel with America and Dostoevsky & Other Nature Poems along with new work from the last decade. All of it bears Frumkin's signature stoic humor. These poems have emanated from nature are meant to be a tribute to nature: the nature of the four elements human nature, art and artists as facts of nature, and the nature of language itself. Described as an "unlineal descendant of Doestoevsky," Frumkin uses philosophical equations and remarkable language to describe hopeful endurance within the modern condition, life strategies "where green disengages/from truth/and emerges armed with wily music."


Gene Frumkin (1928-2007) was professor emeritus of English at the University of New Mexico, where he served from 1966-1994. Primarily a poet, he also wrote and published fiction, reviews, and criticism.

Published By La Alameda Press

7.5 x 8 in. 150 pages