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Chaco Canyon: Archaeology and Archaeologists

Robert H. Lister
Florence C. Lister

Chaco Canyon, sprawled in the desert of northwestern New Mexico and uninhabited since the twelfth century, is one of North America's richest archaeological zones. This lavishly illustrated book is the first complete account of Chacoan archaeology, from the discovery of the ruins by Spanish soldiers in the seventeenth century through the scientific analyses of the 1970s.

The authors follow the history of Chacoan archaeology with a vivid portrayal of the day-to-day lives of the Anasazi Indians, the Neolithic farmers who abandoned the region some 800 years ago. Though intended for the general reading public with an interest in archaeology, this book will be useful to professionals as well, as a compendium of information and photography hitherto scattered in numerous separate reports and monographs. Particularly valuable is a list of all investigated sites at Chaco Canyon, including location, features, dates, and other pertinent information.


Florence C. Lister is a distinguished archaeologist and historian of archaeology who lives in Mancos, Colorado.

The late Robert H. Lister was for many years director of the National Park Service's Chaco Center.


"The excitement of archaeological discovery is captured in this detailed, well-illustrated account, which moves from the time when seventeenth-century Spanish soldiers first found the ruins at Chaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico through scientific analyses undertaken there in the 1970s."


American West

"The most complete and concise summary of work carried out in Chaco Canyon from its discovery up to the recent research project. It is well-written, in a style which lures the reader further into the narrative."


Journal of Anthropological Research

"A fascinating history . . . An enjoyable and informative book in every respect."


Southwest Review

7 x 10 in. 304 pages 73 halftones, 2 figs., 14 maps