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Turtle Blessing: Poems

Penny Harter

We stand on the turtle's back and ask for the wind. We fly through the turtle's mind and drink the sky. We walk through the turtle's home and know we are alive with others who are alive. Something like water, something like blood flows through all of us as the sun lifts up its great eye each morning. We do not move through this world alone. Penny Harter's poems mingle patient alertness with animal choirs, reading prophecy in shells, bones, fallen leaves.

""Penny Harter speaks with the wisdom of her kinship to the greater biotic community. Her meld of intuition, intelligence, talent and command has resulted in an exceptional and complete collection of poems that reflects great reverence for the spirit of Nature while offering glimpses of the frightening hubris that characterizes our own species. This elegant volume is very important both poetically and philosophically.""Jack Loeffler

Published By La Alameda Press

5.5 x 7.5 in. 60 pages