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A Killing in New Town

Kate Horsley

Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory, nineteenth-century edge of the future. Fear, greed, and real estate turn the windmill into a hanging tree. Each train into this booming railroad town unloads a cargo of carpetbaggers, entrepreneurs, seekers, Civil War veterans, and strong, lonely women--like Eliza Pelham. Good mother, drunk and unfaithful wife, Eliza stands at this juncture of raw change and random justice, caught in a reality of callousness and redemption. As Eliza searches for her stolen children, she discovers three allies: an Irish saloon girl, an Apache man who reads Melville, and La Llorona, the weeping mother, fierce in a black dress, thousands of years old.


Prize-winning novelist Kate Horsley lives in Albuquerque.


"Small daily details and larger ideas make this unconventional western a truly compelling blend of adventure, Southwestern mythology and reality."


Publishers Weekly

Published By La Alameda Press

5.5 x 8.5 in. 275 pages