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The Rio Grande: An Eagle's View

Steve McDowell
Edited by Barbara McIntyre
Photographs by Adriel Heisey

The Rio Grande: An Eagle's View chronicles one of the world's most significant and endangered rivers, showcasing its exquisite beauty and importance. Designated an American Heritage River in 1997, the Rio Grande is the third largest river in the United States, twentieth in the world, and runs nearly 1,900 miles. Photographer Adriel Heisey has captured the spirit of the Rio Grande with his awe-inspiring aerial images of the river. Heisey follows the waterway from its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, through New Mexico, then as it straddles and defines the Texas-Mexico border and finally culminates with its outpouring into the Gulf of Mexico. Heisey's images bring to life the unmistakable signature of water that the Rio Grande represents in the arid southwestern landscape. With the beauty of the river always at center stage, this book combines hydrology and artistry to tell the powerful and dramatic history of a river.


Adriel Heisey is a New Mexico-based aerial photographer and professional pilot.

Barbara McIntyre, formerly vice president of marketing for Sotheby's, works as an editor for various publications.

Steve McDowell's latest book is The Persistence of Memory: New Mexico's Churches.

Published By WildEarth Guardians

10.5 x 11.5 in. 240 pages 185 images