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Texas Ranger Biographies: Those Who Served 1910-1921

Charles H. Harris III
Frances Harris
Louis R. Sadler

The Mexican Revolution was launched from Texas on November 20, 1910, and throughout the following decade the state would remain a hotbed of revolutionary activity and intrigue. It was in Texas that Mexican factions organized juntas, recruited cannon fodder, raised money, smuggled arms and ammunition, marketed loot and, when defeated, fled to regroup. These years also served as a turning point in the history of the Texas Rangers. By 1910 their traditional role of fighting Indians, Mexicans, and outlaws was coming to an end and there was growing support for abolishing the institution. With the advent of the Mexican Revolution and the subsequent border turmoil, the Rangers were once again looked to for protection.

Histories of the Texas Rangers tend to focus on only a handful of men who acquired formidable--and usually exaggerated--reputations while the majority of the organization's members remain faceless lawmen. Using material collected over three decades of archival research, Charles and Frances Harris and Louis Sadler have compiled a reference book that presents the biographies of all 1,782 Rangers who served along the Texas-Mexico border during the era of the Mexican Revolution, not just those who achieved notoriety. In so doing, they reveal the diversity and scale of the organization and the importance of each man's role in helping shape one of the enduring legacies of the U.S.-Mexican border.


Frances E. Harris is associate professor emerita of nursing, New Mexico State University.

Byron A. Johnson is the director of Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, Waco.

Louis R. Sadler is emeritus history professor at New Mexico State University.

Charles H. Harris III is emeritus history professor at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces.


"This massive tome amounts to nothing less than a Texas Ranger fan's dream as well as a genealogist's dream. Nowhere else can one find so much important historical and genealogical information dealing with the early 20th century Texas Rangers than in this volume....we should consider ourselves blessed that this book is now available."


Texas Ranger Dispatch

"...a unique historical record and an essential addition to academic library 19th Century American History reference shelves in general, and Texas Historical Studies collections in particular."


Midwest Book Review

"The Harrises and Sadler have made an invaluable contribution to Texas Ranger scholarship with this landmark addition."


True West Magazine

"( Texas Ranger Biographies) presents a treasure trove of information on 1, 782 men who wore the Ranger badge during a troubled decade, and provides valuable insights into understanding the changing nature, scope, and contributions of an organization often wrapped in myth and misunderstood in terms of purpose and involvement....By its content and example, the volume quickly will become a major addition to the study of a critical chapter in the history of the Texas-Mexico border."


Southwestern Historical Quarterly

"Charles Harris, Frances Harris, and Louis Sadler have successfully accomplished the monumental task of gathering information and making it available to those studying the history of the Borderlands and Texas, as well as offering new and much-needed scholarship on the Texas Rangers."


New Mexico Historical Review

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