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¿Qué Pasó?: An English-Spanish Guide for Medical Personnel

Fourth Edition, Revised and Expanded

Martin Kantrowitz
Antonio Mondragón
William Lord Coleman

Designed to facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking patients with little or no knowledge of English and English-speaking medical personnel with little or no knowledge of Spanish, this handy book, a best seller in its first three editions, is now issued in a fourth edition, the first to include pediatric workups. Designed for use in the clinic, the emergency room, the physician's office, and at the patient's bedside, ¿Qué Pasó? is also useful for travelers in Spanish-speaking countries. In addition to guides to common phrases, everyday questions, and answers, and essential non-medical terminology and vocabulary, the authors have provided a variety of medical workups on situations ranging from the headache to family planning. The new pediatric material will make this highly praised book even more useful than the earlier editions.


"Ideal for medical care delivery personnel and students in health-related fields. In cities from New York to Los Angeles, where Spanish speakers constitute a growing percentage of the population, this initial communication can be difficult. This publication serves to guide non-Spanish-speaking medical personnel through all the common workups with their standard questions and answers, so they can communicate with their Spanish-speaking patients."


The School Nurse

"I strongly recommend it to any house officer in a Southwestern hospital."


Annals of Internal Medicine

5.5 x 8.5 in. 80 pages 10 halftones