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ChupaCabra and the Roswell UFO

Rudolfo Anaya

In this second ChupaCabra mystery, Professor Rosa Medina has just arrived in Santa Fe where she meets Nadine, a mysterious sixteen-year-old who insists that the two of them travel to Roswell, New Mexico. Nadine is convinced that C-Force, a secret government agency, has decoded the DNA of ChupaCabra and an extraterrestrial. If the two genomes are combined, a new and horrific life form will be created.
In this fast-paced mystery, Anaya expands the ChupaCabra folklore into a metaphor that deals with the new powers inherent in science. Is ChupaCabra a beast in Latino folktales, used to frighten children, or a lost species being manipulated by C-Force? Rosa's life hangs in the balance as she and her young accomplice try to find a way to stop C-Force before its mad scientists create a monster.


Rudolfo Anaya, widely acclaimed as one of the founders of modern Chicano literature, is professor emeritus of English at the University of New Mexico. He is best known for the classic Bless Me, Ultima.


"Anaya's latest opus is a thriller packed with suspense, drama and action, and it will grip you and keep you on edge from beginning to end."


La Herencia

"Anaya manages to pack Latin-American folklore and religious imagery, a critique of U.S. border policy, and UFO mythology into an X-Files-ish sequel to The Curse of the ChupaCabra."


Rain Taxi

"Great reading for young adults interested in science fiction."


REFORMA Newsletter

5.5 x 8 in. 144 pages