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Maya Yucatan: An Artist's Journey

Phillip Hofstetter

"Before ever setting out on my adventures in Yucatán I did not know that I was preparing to walk a spiritual path in that ancient country. Before going there I had not taken much account of my yearning to seek out sacred places. But in Yucatán I discovered this longing for wandering among the people and landscapes of the peninsula. I eventually understood that there was an invisible spirit world of the Maya that animated their stories, their ancient ruins, and all their works from two thousand years of civilization in that ancient land."--from Maya Yucatán

Phillip Hofstetter first visited Yucatán in 1987 and was entranced, as much by the sheer physical beauty of the region as by the enduring character of the Maya people still inhabiting the region. For more than twenty years he has been documenting his travels in Yucatán and his professional collaboration with archaeological excavation projects there. His reflections on the Maya culture emphasize survival and adaptation, while images of ancient sites, the churches of the Franciscan mission period, and the ruined haciendas of the henequen period serve as physical reminders of the enduring ways in which the Maya have shaped the landscape of Yucatán over millennia.


Phillip Hofstetter is codirector of the Multimedia Graduate Program and is an associate professor of art at California State University, East Bay. He is also a videographer whose work has appeared on National Geographic Television and the Discovery Channel.


"Hofstetter's book imparts a fresh, multifaceted perspective on the perennially fascinating Mayans. One enjoys the intriguing expert photographs of age-old ruins as much as the knowledgeable and observant update on their culture in today's Central America."


Midwest Book Review

"Hofstetter's collection of 102 expertly crafted black-and-white images documents his adventures and includes shots that capture modern daily life in the area, providing an interesting contrast to the monuments of the past."


Shutterbug Magazine

11 x 9 in. 160 pages 60 color photos, 41 duotones, 1 drawings, 2 maps, 1 charts