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Powering the Future: New Energy Technologies

Eva Thaddeus
Illustrated by Catherine Paplin

Can you power a car with pond weed? In searching for alternatives to fossil fuels, scientists are like detectives. They pursue clues--including investigating algae as a possible new energy source.

This book takes young readers inside laboratories to watch as scientists grapple with finding safe and cost-effective ways to harness alternative energy sources. Solar, wind, nuclear, geothermal, and biomass are discussed, and also introduced are futuristic technologies on the cutting edge of research today.

Thaddeus shares her conversations with scientists and plunges young readers into the world of practical science--of how researchers work on problems important to everyone. Their quest for renewable energy sources is a fascinating exploration of possible answers to the question, How will we fuel our future?

Geothermal vents with their steamy plumes, wind turbines and transmission lines silhouetted against the sky, the arrays of glistening mirrors that make up concentrating solar panels--these scenes offer glimpses of the future of energy. Because much of the best research on alternative sources of energy is conducted in New Mexico, Thaddeus highlights the important work found throughout the state.

Powering the Future will awaken young people's interest in the topic of energy by showing them how science plays a vital role in their lives today and for years to come.


Eva Thaddeus is a published novelist and an educator with ten years of experience in elementary school classrooms. She lives in Albuquerque and served as a member of the Governor's Climate Change Advisory Group in New Mexico.


"In these handsome titles in the Worlds of Wonder series, the focus is on what's happening now--both in science and technology and in economics and politics. With a chatty, interactive text, clear type, and color photos or drawings on every double-page spread, Powering the Future discusses how the age of fossil fuels is ending and looks at new alternatives, including solar, wind, and geothermal energy, with arguments for and against nuclear power, its history, and the troubling questions about the safety of radioactive fuel and waste....Conservation is front and center throughout, and middle- and high-school researchers will appreciate learning more about the big picture as well as reading the personal profiles and suggestions for individual lifestyle changes."



7 x 10 in. 136 pages 76 color plates