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Serenading the Light

Revised Second Edition

David Clemmer

Serenading the Light celebrates a collection of works mostly by New Mexican artists of the early twentieth century. Nearly twenty years in the making, this compilation includes most of the names always associated with this time and place, but it also goes beyond those names to include masterful works by others not so well-known. Collections are built in many ways and though there is no handbook for this type of pursuit, it seems that the best, most honest collections are built from passion. Bill Schenck's passion in this endeavor shines through. His keen eye for strong composition, solid draftsmanship, bold strokes, and luscious paint make this collection exceptional.

Artists included:
Gerard Curtis Delano
Joseph Fleck
Norma Bassett Hall
Joseph Imhof
Nellie Knopf
W. H. D. Koerner
William R. Leigh
Ila McAfee
Coy Seward
Ben Turner


David Clemmer is a writer and musician living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a native of New Orleans and studied art and art history at Tulane University and the University of New Mexico.

Bill Schenck has been known internationally for the past thirty-three years as one of the originators of the contemporary "pop" wester movement and an American painter who incorporates techniques from Photo-Realism with a Pop Art sensibility to both exalt and poke fun at images of the West.


"Schenk has pulled together a powerful, accessible compilation of New Mexico imagery that, in book form, keeps the reader turning page after page in hungry anticipation."


Su Casa Magazine

Published By Schenck Southwest Publishing

11.25 x 9.25 in. 162 pages 44 color plates