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Wolves at Our Door

J. P. S. Brown

Along the border of southern Arizona and northern Mexico, a close-knit group of Anglo and Hispanic families struggle to keep their ranches alive amidst the depredations of drug lords and smugglers. Here, age-old values collide with gangs of hardened border criminals in a raw tale of action, adventure, and justice.

J. P. S. Brown opens a window onto a part of the world that few have seen and even fewer have understood, offering a view of the world of cattle ranching in an area where homes are still without electricity or plumbing, where ranches are reachable only by plane or horseback, and where neighbors are family or deadly foes.


J. P. S. Brown is a cattleman and fiction writer who lives and works on a ranch near Patagonia, Arizona. In 1999 he was the recipient of the Will James Society's Big Enough Award for his contribution to the cowboy tradition. In 2002 he received the Lawrence Clark Powell Award for his contribution to Southwestern letters.


"...Brown writes about the real West, not the myth. His calling card is authenticity. When readers put down one of his books, they have dust between their teeth."


Tucson Weekly

"Rejoice Joe Brown fans. Jim Kane is back....There is plenty of cowboy, horse racing, and commando action in this well-written, fast-paced, thoroughly enjoyable story. Don't pass it up."


Cowboy Magazine

"J.P.S. Brown's Wolves at Our Door is everything that most Western books are not: gripping and real."


Tucson Weekly

6 x 9 in. 296 pages