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Letters to Early Street

Albert DeSilver

Letters to Early Street is a whimsical epistolary experiment, a turning of the traditional letter onto its poetic ear. Originally begun as letters to a colleague, the writing soon transformed into imaginative discourse with the vagaries of a muse, addressing emotions, elements of landscape, and the act of writing itself. Letters to Early Street reconstructs correspondence as an exchange of ineffable narrative filled with the pleasures of existence. With humor woven delightfully into each missive, Albert DeSilver takes poetry into a fresh act of communication.

"Letters to Early Street is a beautiful collection, lyrical, and inventive, in which shapes are to be seen noodling along a rather lengthy road of torque & vapor. The world is astonishingly present yet there are multiple enigmas, those mysteries and vacancies where beauty clings, as it must, to its cave. Creating a community nerve garden, the poetry of Albert Flynn DeSilver is of a high order of attention, like sitting at the rear window of a moving train."--Paul Hoover, poet and editor of New American Writing

"How to shed a dilemma: Be eager/bright and good-hearted/nervous as Albert Flynn DeSilver's poems, hunkering down (as they are often seen to do) along a bush-strewn hillside to open a can of chili before the fog returns."--Bill Berkson, poet and lecturer at the San Francisco Art Institute


Albert Flynn DeSilver teaches as a California Poet-in-the-Schools in San Francisco and Marin County, California. The editor and publisher of The Owl Press, publishing innovative poetry and poetic collaboration, DeSilver lives in Woodacre, California.


" Letters to Early Street is emotionally rewarding, intellectually entertaining, and very highly recommended reading for anyone who appreciates the art and craft of writing poetry."


Midwest Book Review

Published By La Alameda Press

6 x 7.5 in. 93 pages