Anthropology and Photography

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Visual Anthropology: Photography as a Research Method

Revised and Expanded Edition

John Collier Jr.
Malcolm Collier

First published in 1967, Visual Anthropology has become a classic in its field, invaluable not only for anthropologists but for anyone using photography, film, and video to understand human behavior and culture. This completely revised and expanded edition brings the technical information up to date and includes the insights the Colliers have gained from nearly thirty-five additional years of collective teaching and research experience since the first edition.


Edward T. Hall is the author of The Silent Language and several other books in the field of cultural communication.

John Collier, Jr., has been photographing since the 1930s and worked in the 1940s for the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information. He teaches at both San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Art Institute and has published widely on photography and anthropology.

Malcolm Collier, a photographer and cinematographer, has worked in visual anthropology for over fifteen years and teaches ethnic studies and visual anthropology at San Francisco State University.


"Because of its clarity of expression and rich wisdom it is still the one indispensable handbook in the field."


Visual Sociology

" . . . a comprehensive study which is both readable . . . and insightful, and which will interest any who utilize photography or anthropology as research tools."


The Midwest Book Review

" . . . directed at professional and student anthropologists, the book would be just as valuable to most social scientists. After reading this book it is unlikely that anyone would ever take a picture--or look at one--in the same way again. Highly recommended."



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