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Come with Me to Babylon

Paul M. Levitt

In 1910 the Cohen family, in search of the Golden Medina, undertakes a dangerous journey from Russia to the United States, where the new world exposes family secrets, cultural conflicts, the corruption of the American Dream, and love's divides.

Traveling in steerage to Ellis Island, the family endures the poverty and dirt of New York City and retreats to a farm in southern New Jersey--to find not the agricultural Eden they were promised, but Babylon. Told in several voices, this tale bears witness to a new generation learning to find hope in a land that often sacrifices human decency for profit and greed.


Paul M. Levitt teaches in the department of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is also the author of Chin Music: A Novel of the Jazz Age and numerous books for younger readers and scholars.


"...this stirring novel...challenges the cliches of the golden promised land and shows the grim reality not only of the daily struggle to survive but also of how the dream of success could lead to corruption and heartbreak....the unforgettable personal drama of secrts and sacrifice is an elemental immigrant story of the journey to Babylon."



" Come with Me to Babylon is rich, earthy, and entertaining."


Historical Novels Review

"The story offers sharp dialogue and fully realized characters....Levitt hooks and plays his readers well."


Rocky Mountain News

"...a genuine and heartfelt tale that will resonate with engaging read."


New Mexico Jewish Link

6 x 9 in. 240 pages