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Legend and Lore of the Guadalupe Mountains

W. C. Jameson

Since he was a youngster, W. C. Jameson has hiked, explored, and been captivated by the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas and southeast New Mexico, just southwest of Carlsbad. He has searched the caves in the mountains (even finding a few gold nuggets tucked away years earlier by an unknown prospector) and visited with longtime residents in the local cafes and taverns, and on their ranches. He has spent hours listening to them share the historical events and legends of the Guadalupes.

Sometimes the people of the mountains talked about buried treasures, and other times they spoke of ghosts and spirits that many believed resided in the dark interior of the range. They shared personal experiences and exchanged stories of strange things encountered high in the mountains and tales of unexplainable happenings.

There are countless stories associated with the Guadalupe Mountains. Many are factual, having been historically documented. Others are part of the legend and lore. A few are bizarre. W. C. Jameson includes numerous tales and stories here for the armchair traveler or the travel planner.


W. C. Jameson is the author of sixty books, has acted in five films, and appears regularly on television. When not writing, he performs his music around the country at folk festivals, concert halls, and roadhouses. When not on the road playing music and conducting writing workshops, Jameson splits his time between Colorado and Texas.


"...Jameson makes his tales so different and readable that you just can't put this book down...This is a fun, satisfying read that will have you packing up to go explore those haunted hills."


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