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Rabbit and the Wolves

Deborah L. Duvall
Illustrated by Murv Jacob

In this sixth volume of the Grandmother Stories, Murv Jacob and Deborah Duvall blend two ancient Cherokee tales into an adventure story. Ji-Stu, the Cherokee trickster Rabbit, sets out to prove that he can magically be transformed into a great singer whose voice will rival that of Redbird. To gain such fame, Ji-Stu must travel far from home to a strange land and into a dark forest, where shadows prevail and danger lurks behind every tree.

"The Grandmother Stories are eloquent, beautifully illustrated tales that capture the imagination of Native America. Deborah L. Duvall and Murv Jacob have done a brilliant job of revisiting the mythic world of Rabbit, Bear, and Otter and introducing them to a contemporary audience. These characters are timeless, as are their stories, and readers of all ages will delight in their antics and unique insights." - Teresa Miller, director, Center for Poets and Writers, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Murv Jacob, a descendant of Kentucky Cherokees, is an internationally known artist whose illustrations appear in over seventy book and video projects. He won the 2003 Oklahoma Book Award for Design and Illustration for his drawings in The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals.

Deborah L. Duvall is an author of books and short stories on Cherokee history and tradition, a singer-songwriter, and a professional in financial management. She was born and continues to live in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, capital of the Cherokee Nation.


"This story combines and embellishes two traditional Cherokee tales collected in North Carolina by James Mooney around 1900. . What a wonderful contribution not only to children's literature but also to regional and Cherokee folklore."


Appalacian Heritage

"Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, this is a timeless book to teach children about other cultures by reading ancient tales."



8.5 x 10 in. 32 pages 19 drawings